Operations Methodology

Property Professionals offers a flexible, participative style of management in which owner or resident input is welcomed and utilized in supporting our customer-centric approach to services delivery.

Our owners corporation management services places an emphasis on forward planning. This is reflected in our provision of the following services:


Rigorous assessment of annual operating costs as part of the budgeting process.

Making adequate provision for contingencies and circulating draft budgets for discussion prior to each AGM to allow considered review and discussion. This significantly minimizes the likelihood of unplanned levies throughout the billing cycle.

Establishment of a maintenance (sinking) fund for larger properties where forward cost planning and provision for funding future capital works or high-cost maintenance work is appropriate.


Maintaining a comprehensive caretaking  program that takes into account the specific characteristics of the property, with an emphasis on maintaining the property and amenities at a high standard. 

Ensuring compliance with all building related essential services requirements.

Introducing cost efficiency initiatives. For example, undertaking a Smart Blocks energy audit and formulating strategies in conjunction with the owner corporation committees to implement agreed energy saving strategies.