Our Skills and Experience


Property Professionals has been offering Owners Corporation management services since 1995 across a range of residential and mixed use properties. We aim to offer high levels of service delivery and good value to our clients. Most of our past business growth has been attributed to word-of-mouth recommendation of our services.


We believe that our strengths as an organisation are our focus on transparency, professionalism, ethics, honesty and accountability. Exercising good governance and displaying high levels of integrity are core values underpinning our business.


We recognise that many problems stem from a breakdown in communication. We work hard to ensure that communication with our clients, contractors and other stakeholders is clear, unambiguous, open and honest.

We strive to maintain a close working relationship with OC Committee members to ensure seamless and effective delivery of Owners Corporation management services to our clients.

Management Approach

We adopt a proactive approach to Owners Corporation management. This includes:

  • Establishing a maintenance (sinking) fund for large capital expenditure as appropriate
  • Maintaining a repairs register to monitor and forecast repair trends
  • Maintaining a sales register to track property value trends
  • Keeping statistics on owner/tenant ratios
  • Monitoring Owners Corporation regulatory changes
  • Maintaining regular maintenance to plant and equipment and asset life-cycle planning

Risk Management

We support the use of risk management principles in conducting our business and encourage our contracting firms to also support these principles. We apply a risk management approach with all recurring and incidental maintenance and service-based activities. This process includes risk identification and development of strategies to eliminate or at least mitigate risk.

Where risks cannot be eliminated, they are managed through awareness generation and adopting a code of practice designed to minimise risk exposure and promote safe work practices with all contractors and service providers.