About Us

Welcome to Property Professionals, a premium Owners Corporation Management service for strata- titled residential developments and mixed-use developments.

Operating since 1995, Property Professionals has grown considerably and maintained virtually a 100% retention rate reflecting our priority for client satisfaction.

Our team are experienced and competent at handling the many tasks involved in ensuring the smooth operation and peak performance of each building under our care.

Director Alvin Diamond (MBA, Certified Management Accounting and Electrical Engineering certification) is passionate about adding value to owner’s property investments, having been an owner occupier as well as an investor himself. This attitude has formed the hallmark of Property Professionals. With rigorous financial planning and building needs analysis, our team will proactively strive to better manage each building.

Initiatives such as electricity cost minimization and long term maintenance planning benefit our clients, as does our prompt response rate to facilitating resolution of issues as they arise. We focus on our green values and adopt a collaborative management style.