Our Scope of Services

We facilitate and manage the following Owners Corporation services

Secretarial and Compliance

  • Arranging, chairing and minuting the annual general meeting and Owners Corporation committee meetings
  • Regular reporting to owners on property management issues and financial performance
  • Ensuring compliance with property essential services requirements
  • Maintaining an asset life-cycle maintenance plan for major capital equipment
  • Registering Owners Corporation rules with Land Victoria
  • Liaison with real estate agents with regard to tenancy and selling as required
  • Ensuring compliance with Owners Corporation Regulations and Legislation, and providing regulatory information support to owners


  • Maintaining and reconciling Owners Corporation operating and sinking fund bank accounts
  • Accounts receivable – billing and collection of annual Owners Corporation fees
  • Facilitating debt collection activity on overdue fees notices
  • Accounts payable – managing contractor and service provider remittances
  • Maintaining comprehensive Owners Corporation financial accounts and reporting
  • Preparing and submitting quarterly BAS PAYG and GST returns and Annual Income Tax returns to the ATO
  • Compiling an annual operating budget for Owners Corporation approval
  • Facilitating external audit of financial account for prescribed owners corporations or where requested


  • Administer caretaking and maintenance of all property buildings, plant & equipment, garden and other facilities
  • Arranging building and common property (strata title) insurance and managing claims
  • Commissioning periodic building valuations
  • Managing and monitoring of all property-related service contracts
  • Maintaining a repairs register to track all repair or maintenance activity undertaken
  • Maintaining a sales register for apartment sales as a service to owners
  • Supporting the Committee in dispute resolution between residents
  • Managing resident compliance with Owners Corporation rules

Supplementary Services

  • Providing Owners Corporation Certificates for property sales
  • Project managing major property improvement initiatives