John Wick

Property Professionals

Fast, courteous and expert service is the hallmark of the company. The company shows very good attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to ensuring owners and tenants of residential properties enjoy a high standard of amenity through swift and capable capital improvements and maintenance. The company goes to some considerable lengths to consult owners before acting, while balancing that with the need for a sense of urgency, where required. A stand-out feature of the company is its ability to bring about a reasoned, rational and agreed set of solutions to issues that body corporate bodies find complex, or issues where there is divided and strong sentiment among body corporate members prior to the company’s involvement. The company’s no-fuss and implacable style of conflict resolution is admirable and consistent. Where matters need independent judgement to be made, the company demonstrates maturity and a depth of experience that tend to result in more than acceptable outcomes. Controlling the budget and associated expenditure are vital to good body corporate management, and Property Professionals have proven to me over the past three quarters of a decade that they are accurate to the cent. Their financial performance has been a highlight.

John Patric

John Patric's Company

With careful budgetary planning, our property has been able to manage both ongoing improvements and react to urgent repairs in a timely fashion without ‘breaking the bank’. With a building such as ours, the age of plumbing and infrastructure has posed challenges at every turn – all met with speedy and professional service. All trades people engaged (whether ongoing or in response to particular issues) have been exemplary and cost efficient. Property Professionals’ response to after-hours emergencies, such as burst pipes, has been outstanding as well with personal and attentive service at all times.

John Doe

John's Company

As body corporate managers I have found them to be excellent in their role, which includes:
  • Rapid response to building problems
  • Organising, scheduling and managing building maintenance
  • Ensuring the building stays to budget
  • Keeping the committee informed of any issues
  • Obtaining multiple quotes for work to be performed
  • Dealing with all administration of the body corporate
  • Acting in a professional and polite manner to owners, residents and people working on the building.
I would highly recommend Property Professionals as building managers.